Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Beauty of Black Friday

My new fave blog, Bill Simmon’s Grantland, has a great article about the unexpected silver lining to the recent shut down of all the US poker sites, written by one of the writers of Rounders:
Until the online poker boom, card players didn't look for anyone's permission, least of all the government's. They were more likely to flout the law than ask for its grace. Poker players used to take pride in all this, like guys in rock bands, but then they became domesticated, like guys with 401Ks. So even as I hate what the Federal prosecutors did, a small part of me likes that poker players, are, once again, in disrepute. Because that means that, once again, poker players are more Doc Holliday, less Davis Love III.
Go read it (it’s not too long)!