Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Epic Hand with Jeh Chow

Few hands are anything but "standard" for the experienced poker players at WNP. I did find this hand one I played against Jeh as one of the most interesting ones I have played to date. Here is my thought process during the hand.

I have AQos and raise to 9 UTG. 3 or 4 callers including Jeh Chow in the small blind. Flop is QQJ with 2 spades. Bingo. Jeh Checks, I check, Marsh checks, can't remember if Martin was in but if so he checks. Next card off suit 2, Jeh and I are both pretty deep stacked about 500+ chips each. Jeh leads out for 15, I raise to 40, Marsh and everyone else step out of the way. Jeh re-raises to 110, I think for a long time. Marsh says out loud Jeh's pocket 2's got there. I think Jeh has a queen, just can't figure if he boated up or not, I then say out loud I really need a 10 of spades. Sometimes I tell the truth and so I think Jeh will slow down on the river if the 10 of spades does hit. A call would possibly be in order from AK suited in spades, the 10 of spades would give AK suited a royal flush. Finally, after agonizing forever, I decide to flat call.

My reasoning is if a Q or a A hit I instacall any bet on the river. If a 10 hits, Jeh likely slows down and I can show down a hand which is likely a winner, but not for sure as Jeh is acting very strong with his betting patterns. If a blank hits, I likely call but will have to just go on instinct. My guess is that if Jeh does have a Q on the river, he will lead out strong with AQ,KQ, any boat Q. If he has a weak Q, my guess is that he will either check call the river or lead out for 50-70 percent of the pot.

River is the 10 of hearts. Jeh leads out for 185 into a pot of about 250ish. What do you do?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The ultimate Jeh Chow Hand

We all kid Jeh for chasing outs (and almost always hitting!). I don't think any player alive though is weak/tight enough to fold this hand though with one card left to come. My opponent just called my turn bet but I was not folding no matter what he did. Although I only have Ace High heading to the river and no made low, just about any card makes a hand for me except pairing the board or a non club 2. Exactly how many out do I have here? Can even Jeh count this high?

Superdraw Hand

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Only a matter of time...

Someone finally made what appears to be a viable home version of a television table. The guy uses RFID chips in lieu of hole cams and video cams for watching players. With cards being chipped it allows him to take that info and use homebrew software to do real time stats. Pretty slick setup and a bunch more features than the design that I had cooked up. Not for sale...yet. I think it's going to be difficult to get the price down to anything remotely reasonable for the a home game. After mine got built the plan was to sell time on the video table and ship out DVDs of the session afterwards.