Sunday, March 28, 2010


Who is in favor of adding this to the Dealer's Choice rotation? Personally I liked it and as stated before I prefer the Ace being high in 2-7 though I'm a little disappointed that we didn't try it that way. Seems like the key is to get a great Ace-less Badugi then draw to get a good 2-7 hand to go with it. Since the Ace only helps in Badugi it is a one way card and not part of a scoop hand. I still think that making it a declare game would be a real interesting variation.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dealer's Choice game selection

We've been playing Dealer's Choice for a while now. We started with the qualification that the game needed to be a WSOP game with Pass The Trash and Badugi grandfathered in. We also discussed the possibility of working in a new game each time on a trial basis which we have strayed away from. So I'm here to put it out to the group to discuss whether we should change the lineup of games available on Dealer's Choice nights. If you have any input go ahead and speak up now.