Sunday, March 28, 2010


Who is in favor of adding this to the Dealer's Choice rotation? Personally I liked it and as stated before I prefer the Ace being high in 2-7 though I'm a little disappointed that we didn't try it that way. Seems like the key is to get a great Ace-less Badugi then draw to get a good 2-7 hand to go with it. Since the Ace only helps in Badugi it is a one way card and not part of a scoop hand. I still think that making it a declare game would be a real interesting variation.


royalbacon said...

I liked it. Would like to try it the other way to determine the best way to play it in our rotation, if we decide to keep it.

I also vote for a change in PTT, where first to act after the first card is shown is left of the button, not high card as per usual. Seems like it would be more democratic to give everyone a chance to act first (and last), rather than leaving it based totally to chance as to where you sit in relation to the guy (or two) that likes to put his ace up top so he can see all the table action before betting. You know who you are.

Sushi Cowboy said...

I'd be open to a putting the PTT idea out to the group. Since the seating is random, over the long haul one would be just as likely to sit to the left or right of someone who likes to play their Ace first so I'm not sure how much of an advantage/disadvantage it is. I understand that people get to pick their first card unlike in Stud games but IMO exercising the option of opening with an Ace is part of the game of PTT and some choose to always do it while others might never do it. It also is in line with the best hand leading on all other streets. Other than violating the principle of "taking turns" what is the negative impact of having the Ace lead the betting?

royalbacon said...

A lot of PTT has to do with seeing what everyone else does, right? That’s the same as all poker games, I suppose, but it seems more extreme in PTT.

I think everyone is willing to admit that PTT is totally unlike any other stud game. One could argue that it really isn’t like a stud game. Maybe I’m being dense here, but the only similarity it has with stud games is that each player has their own cards face up in front of them, right?

I would be open to having it rotate from the button on every street, because if you do it on the first street, why not do it on all streets.

I don’t like the argument that “since the seating is random, over the long haul one would be just as likely to sit to the left or right of someone who likes to play their Ace first.” I of course can’t argue with the logic, but since we rarely play DC night, and even more rarely play PTT on those nights (by demand), the “randomness” of where someone sits becomes less of a factor for me.

Anyway, I’m just opening the discussion. Would be interesting to play it this way and see what it feels like.

Sushi Cowboy said...

PTT is considered a stud variant due presumably to individual cards being revealed as opposed to a community card game like Hold'em or a draw game.

If no one else chimes in with opposition before next DC night then I would say that you can call PTT with the action starting left of the button. Personally I don't think it will make a significant difference since anyone repping something will typically go through the first street of betting regardless but I'm willing to give it a whirl.

royalbacon said...

Cool. I’m also anxious to see if knowing where you are going to be in the betting order for each PTT hand will influence at all whether you a) go for low or hi when setting your hand, and b) the order you stack your hand changes based on position.