Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sushi Book update for April 2010

With the information that is available it appears that Martin finished with the largest bankroll as of April 1. I don't have exact numbers on everyone but the numbers below reflect the best numbers I could muster. If anyone has any numbers which change the order of the list below please let me know.

$239.55 - Martin
$158.76 - Adam
$150 (est) - Marshall
$ 80 (est) - Chuck
$ 62.90 - Royal
$ 50 (est) - Drew
$ 0 (est) Ryan
$ 0 (est) Woody

If anyone is interested in participating in a Q2 milestone based on percentage increase and/or wagering then just send me email and I'll get it set up.


Aclowery said...

That total is approximately correct for me. I don't have my exact value and I'm not going to look it up at work.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Given the lack of contradictory data I will go with the numbers I have published and make it official that the largest roll increase was $239.55 for the period ending April 1 2010. All payouts have been made to the appropriate parties.

It also looks like there is no uptake on a Q2 prop bet so that is being taken off the board.

Thanks everyone for their participation. The Sushi Book will be offering more events in the future so stay tuned.

jyoti said...

Hmm I think it should be like that
$239.55 - Martin
$158.76 - Adam
$150 (est) - Marshall
$ 80 (est) - Ryan
$ 62.90 - Royal
$ 50 (est) - Woody
$ 0 (est)- duck
$ 0 (est)- Drew

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