Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kristy Gazes vs. Chad Brown heads up

Blinds 1500/3000. Chad opens for a raise 9000 with Ac2c, Kristy Gazes re-raises with 9s9d to 24K, Chad calls. Flop is 6d6c6s, check, check. Turn is 6h, Gazes bets 40K, Chad flat calls. 2h on the River. Kristy checks first, then Chad checks behind. Hilarity ensues.

Chad later says: "In the third match, I was paired against Kristy Gazes. Although Kristy and I have been friends for a long time, we have never really played any poker together. Kristy was coming into this match on a roll, having cashed in her fourth tournament in a row, so I knew I had some stiff competition. The turning point in this match was when Kristy raised pre-flop with 9-9 out of position and I called her raise after limping on the button with A-3 suited. The flop came 6-6-6 and it surprised Kristy so much that she commented to me, 'Wow, that’s weird. That’s the sign of the devil.' In her surprise, she forgot to bet the flop. I was happy to get a free card and, boom, a fourth 6 on the turn. Well, of course, I now had the nuts with my ace-kicker and, when she fired out a big bet on the turn, I just called. The reason I just called is that, if I had come over the top here, she wouldn’t have been able to call without an ace, and so by just calling, she might think I only had a king and she might try to push me off it. She checked the river and I didn’t bet, just so I could see what hand she had raised with out of position. [Ed: emphasis added] She flipped over the nines thinking it was a chopped pot. Remember, you use the best five cards (so she had quad sixes with only a nine kicker). Kristy, of course, knows that, but had made the kind of mental error that we all make occasionally. Sometimes all the poker we play day in and day out catches up with us and we get fatigued and don’t even know it."

That's an interesting comment that didn't come up during the broadcast footage. Does seem like he is making excuses for how Kristy played the hand though his recall is a little suspect since he didn't even get his hole cards correct.

Also, note how the guy over Chad's right shoulder can hardly keep his eyes away from the riveting professional play at the feature table.


jtrey333 said...

Kristy Gazes almost ran over me at the WSoP. Kristy *hearts* Marshall. And she is waaaay better looking in person.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Did she cry too after you told her you were getting married?

jtrey333 said...

I will say that's the only explanation that makes sense. I've seen the clip numerous times, but in this case, after hearing what Chad had to say about why he checked the river, that's the only logical conclusion. That, or he spaced too (but he immediately pointed out that it was his pot because of the kicker).

It's still a thin explanation. And really, a horrible reason to not bet it. That's why you still bet the STONE COLD NUTS - even when you're playing a "pr0", they're capable of making a mental mistake and could lead to a stacking right there.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Yeah, that "wanting to see what she was raising with" could easily have cost him a few grand in chips if not a total double up.

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