Friday, June 20, 2008

A weird two-tabling

I've had a rough stretch that I mostly blame myself for, and generally closed Cake in disgust rather than capture hand histories and blog about it. Feeling like it tonight, though.

I find myself in an interesting two-table situation that I'm going to try out. The empy seats were at 10-max .25/.50 and 10-max .02/.04, so I'm playing them both. I'm going to try to use the freedom to splash around at .02/.04 help keep me disciplined at .25/.50.

I use this system to find it in me to fold Ts-9s-9d-8s preflop at the 50 table in the first orbit. Man, the hold'em player in me wants to play it so badly. And if they were double-suited and I was on the button, I probably wouldn't be able to resist.

Meanwhile, the system also lets me play Ac-8c-4h-2d from the SB like this at the 4 table, so it's all good.

I get aces at the 50, and a short stack check-raises me with no fold equity and a pair of aces actually holds up in O8.

Is this a good turn call assuming a range of ace-low** from my opponent? Will run it later. OK, ran it later. Basically EV neutral against that range.

ROT shows me that my opponent, with Kh-Kd-5d-2h, was definitely calling a value bet on the river, here. Even though the T on the river actually eliminates some boat outs, I would basically be committing myself with a v-bet and I get check-raised. I probably left $17 on the table; if he's calling the turn with the k-high flush, he would have called a shove on the river. Why start fearing boats now?

Again, a place where a better player finds a way to be +EV, and I chose EV neutral.

Bah. Back to back AAKJss hands, with the first one earning me blinds and limps, the second getting me into ten-dollar trouble. Naturally, they flop aces full at the 4 shortly after.

Funny back-to-back hands from the 4...

I like my line on this one. I nearly folded preflop, which may have been correct since nobody at the table seems to be raising pf with much less than AA, but I have to bet that flop when it checks to me. The turn is great for me, but I'm not made unless KK is good, so I like the check-behind. When I hit on the river, I feel like if I have the scoop, he'll either pay in full or not pay a dime and bet accordingly. Villain was on AA82ss.

OK, this session has been fun and profitable, but I have other things to do. The "auto post" buttons are uncheked. Itis allowed on the 4...which goes fine until I'm quartered on the last hand.

$4 --> $8.22
$50 --> $88.55
~60 Hands/Table


Sushi Cowboy said...

On KK52 Heart Flush, yeah, I don't get it. The board is already paired on the Flop so the extra T doesn't change anything save for someone staying in with T5xx, maybe two Hearts too but since the Th and 5h are on the board that decreases the likelihood of that happening.

On the AAKJ hand, did you think you were beat at the time or behind in pot equity?

On KK34 scoop. The guy check/calls with AA on the Flop, gives a free card on the Turn, then pays off on the River? Just awful.

Ryan said...

First...oops! I meant to post this to DNR, just hit the wrong button in my Blogger interface.

AAKJ: I figured it's one or the other, and is a fold in either case. He leads out and then reraises me after I'd been the preflop aggressor, so I either figured he already had me beat, or had a low draw and two hearts (I had no heart draw).

A slim chance he's just pushing a low draw extremely hard, but if so, tip my cap and move on. Plenty of chances to get my money in much better than that.

jason said...

When you hit your wheel on the 2234 hand, after your ev neutral call on the turn, why did you not crush the pot with wheel and nut low. Can you really put your opponent on A345 or A234 there the only hands that will quarter you. Crushing the pot on the turn would not make any difference as you were chopping with the boat, but you might get a call from a AK3x hand or an AQ3x hand. Just a thought as this is the way I would play it.

The Ace High flush on the double paired board no bet is a tough one. I could go either way on this hand. Good play overall though.

Ryan said...

I'm not sure what my mentality was on that river, Jason. I don't usually check/raise, preferring the lead-out/reraise.I must have presumed I was chopping, but I agree betting was in order there.