Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heads up Challenge

OK here is a proposed structure for a microchips version of the drrr HU challenge.

Players will play HU NLHE on cake 2 tables running simultaneously, 500 hands, stakes of .10/.20. Each player will buyin for 60BB or $12.00 Once a player goes below 20BB he must rebuy for $8.00 putting the player at or near 60BB again. Winner will be determined by the biggest stack minus the additional $8.00 add ons. Assuming 4 players (or more) winner will go to the next round, loser is out. Winner will then play winner of another match between 2 people. Winner of that match will then be crowned HU NLHE champion, assuming 4 entrants. More entrants would require more matches before the champ is crowned. $20.00 sidebet will be required per person. Winner take all of the sidebets in a 4 person match, plus the winnings from playing HU.

HU PLO will be a bit trickier but I think we can still do it. The lowest stakes available are .25/.50. We can run two tables simultaneously, buyin for $30.00 and rebuy in $20.00 increments when we get below $10.00.

Since I may have a competitive edge here and I don't think the intent here is to bankrupt anyone, I think the winner of each match should refund (via player transfer) 90% of the opponent's losses in any one given session. The winner will still then win something, although it won't be much. I can also help fund players rolls from my roll for cash so they will have an ample roll to play 500 hands. We can do the same mandatory $20.00 sidebet with winner take all in a 4 person match.

I am open to different structures, this is a suggestion, but I think it will work.

Who would be up for HU NLHE?
Who would be up for HU PLO?


Sushi Cowboy said...

Jason, given your experience and past track record at PLO, why would anyone want to take you up on your challenge? Dwan is offering challengers 3:1 if they can beat him. If you are not offering anything to offset your edge there isn't really any incentive for anyone to play against you. You *should* shellac anyone given that you have played more than other players by who knows how many thousands of hands.

jason said...

A very good and fair comment.

However, I was trying to make the stakes microscopic enough that people would want to play me for the challenge.

In theory I will likely lose money by taking on the challenge. If my win rate on line is approximately north of $30 per hour, even if I were to win 90 percent of the time I play PLO in a HU format, it will take about 2 hours to play 500 hands HU. If I win I am ahead just a bit more than $20.00 as the winner needs to refund virtually all of the winnings from cake to the losing player.

If anyone wishes to play me HU at $.5/$1 or higher or with a side bet of $100.00 or more I will gladly offer 3:1 odds like drrr.

jsola said...

I am so completely down for this. I'm not too interested in HU PLO, but definitely sign me up for the NLHE competition.

God damn I love heads up hold'em.

Hey speaking of which, any plans for another heads up tourney, Marty? The last one was effin' awesome.

Marshall said...

I would be in for both. But Marty is right Jase, there is very little incentive to play you at PLO HU. And citing reasons like you might lose some money doesn't make it any more enticing from a perspective other than your own..

jason said...

Should I lower the stake on PLO to say $5 or something. I agree that I am way favored in PLO HU but to be honest I have very little experience in HU PLO.

I would view this as a challenge for me as I should try to get good at HU PLO and I suppose I could go down to the micro stakes to do so. PLO is way volatile as it is and I would want to practice at PLO HU before I put any of my own dollars in play at meaningful stakes.

If I could play drrr in a $5 match I would do it all day. I am in no way in the same league as him but would you guys view this as a challenge or just an exercise in pissing away a couple hours in something that you feel you have no chance at.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Joe, good point. I need to get cracking on that. Lemme see if anyone (cough)Jeh!(/cough) would be interested in hosting.

I'm not clear on the mechanics of the challenge either. Are there heads up tables available online? And wouldn't it be better to find a site with HU play money tables so you don't need to pay a rake?

Marshall said...

Cake does have HU tables now Marty.

If you find a play money site that has HU tables, is easy to sign up for, and has a reasonable interface then that would work as well I would think.

jason said...

Play money sites would be fantastic in theory but I doubt any of the major sites like Full Tilt, Cake, Poker stars are going to offer HU play money tables.

Maybe spade club or something like that would work if someone is willing to look into it.

The rake will be miniscule though on cake for HU NLHE .10/.20 stakes. My guess is that we are paying the site at most $3 per hour after rakeback, split between 2 people. Well worth it for the convenience factor and multi tabling ability.

Adam said...

In light of my clear competitive advantage over you people at HU NLHE, I'll be happy to participate.

Pass on HU PLO.

Also, if any of you are interested in HU NLGF (go fish), I'm game.