Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pass the Trash: Yea or Nea?

There is enough chatter to put forth the discussion of whether or not Pass the Trash should be in the Dealer's Choice rotation. If you have an opinion on the matter then comment below.


Anonymous said...

It’s lost its luster.

jtrey333 said...


Marshall said...

It just feels like before it generated huge pots and lots of cool interactions, but now it almost never does. It's very rare to have the classic PTT situation of one person jamming because they are the only high hand banging it out vs 2 perceived lows. I would say the vast majority of hands are just chopped between an obvious high and an obvious low on like 2nd street.

The thing is, the game is still fun on some level, but it's completely irrelevant outside of our game. It got grandfathered in, but now grandpa needs to go.

One potential thing as well which Woody brought up, was that we could limit it to half an orbit or one hand or something. Because while it has lost it's luster as Royal said, the biggest detractor for me at this point is that an orbit takes like almost an hour if we are at a full table. If we had the rotation for PTT be 3-4 hands, I think people would get their fix but it wouldn't be such a massive time sink.

That is, if people want to play it still at all. I am still of the mindset that we should play games that get play in casino's or WSOP events at our weekend game, but heck I would play whatever the group wanted to if it came to that.

Sushi Cowboy said...

I agree that the action is not nearly as wild as it used to be. But I think the same thing could be said about PLO/8 as well.

Time for a full orbit is highly dependent on who is playing.

Since we generally do not play the Button Acts Last version of the game there would be no need to do a ful orbit since there is no inherent advantage for anyone based on button position. I wouldn't mind a less than full orbit.

I think a lower stake/ante ratio would lead to more action since there is more incentive to try to bluff.

I really like the declaration aspect of the game. If we pull PTT completely I'd like to see the option of declaration in Baduci/Badacey or Stud Hi/Lo.

jason said...

Personally, I think the antes should be way bigger in pass the trash. It would definitely stimulate action. The 72 game would suck if we each got a quarter or 50 cents from someone but under the current s format it interesting. Bigger antes like 2 to 3x what they are now would stimulate action. I don't mind the half orbit idea but would hate to see it go forever.