Friday, March 21, 2008

Gus Hansen: What was he thinking?

Good ol' Gus has seemed to have lost some steam since he landed on the poker scene a few years ago with big WPT wins. One of the times I was down in LV I saw him during what seemed to be a pretty bad mixed game session in Bobby's Room. His body language, dwindling stack, and continued folding looked like a shell of the former Great Dane image that he had procured with his T high call of Esfandiari the a WPT Bad Boys of Poker tourney. I later read that he had put Antonio on a small pair and he felt he was priced in to call. Well he seems to have gotten some of his mojo back with a win in the 2007 Aussie Millions Main Event. And if you have wondered what he says into the little voice recorder that you see in the TV coverage then wonder no more. He is releasing a book, Every Hand Revealed that dissects all 329 of his non-folded hands including the 21 most critical hands of the tournament.

Supposed to be out in May and I'm sure I'll at least look through it when it shows up on bookstore shelves and will probably throw it into the library as well.

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