Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ultimate Bet cheating scandal

Ultimate Bet has a group of users with potripper-esque stats with 60% VPIP and 150 BB/hour win rate. Furthermore Ultimate Bet and Aboslute Poker are both owned by the same company...what are the odds?

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Ryan said...

Pretty conclusive. I will never play at a site run by that company again.

And yes, for anyone to feel safe playing for high stakes online, there needs to be an independent oversight whateveryoucallit...

Sushi Cowboy said...

I would hope that market forces would do the same job as an oversight committee. The public nature of hand histories already provides ample opportunity for independent auditing...auditing which is often done by people motivated by a vested interest in keeping the games fair and not subject to corporate influence or payolas like an "independent" oversight committee might be.

Biggest problem is that small stakes players would feel safe from this type of cheating and I would guess that they account for the lion's share of the rake from the cash games.