Thursday, May 1, 2008

WSOP Main Event final table to be held in November

As Joe pointed out, the Main Event will abruptly stop at the final table and resume many months later in November.

Jeh says there are good reasons for it. I'd like to hear them.


Sushi Cowboy said...

Negreanu blogged about the change.

jtrey333 said...

I can't really say much more than Daniel did. Really, most of it would be media attention, and the fact that it plays out more like a reality show and a media hyped event. Like Joe Sebok says, what if all 9 finalists are on Oprah? Or some other media outlet like it? And it generates enough hype to make it a bigger sporting event, like an NBA Finals eventually? The potential to grow Poker into something even larger mainstream is enough to try it at least once, to see if it *can* generate enough hype.

For traditionalists, this is a nightmare. I'm on the side of not liking the move, but I also understand it and am curious how well it will turn out. If it works, cool, if it doesn't, oh well. What would suck is if it didn't work and they kept doing it.

Sushi Cowboy said...

As Negreanu mentioned, there will be NO live PPV this year. They are going to run down a few thousand players, get to a final table, hype the event for months, and THEN tape delay it? There are no other serious competitive events which are tape delayed. I'm not saying that watching live poker without hole cards is everyone's cup of tea but why not offer both? Anyone watching the PPV would almost certainly also watch the re-broadcast as well so it's not like they would be losing ratings. And the winners will be known ahead of time anyway so all they are doing is pissing off their most ardent fans.

The other thing is that they are changing the final table date after the event had already been announced and presumably they already have players who have bought in or won their way into the Main Event.

I understand that there are millions of reasons for ESPN, the players, and Harrah's to try this but once again the organizers are screwing things up. You figure they'd take a break after the Poker Peek card fiasco last year.

jtrey333 said...

The hype is more about the final players than about the event. It's so the general public MIGHT care much more if they knew who the players were at the final table, and then would tune in. 3 months is a bit too long in my opinion. 1 month is more reasonable to me. And they should just run the main event before the main event, and then broadcast the other events after the main event, IMO. This would cut down on the production/air time andmake it possible to have it ASAP after the final table is set, if they're going on this idea.

I will say that airing it one day after the results is different than a few months. I like the compromise all right, though the idea of sequestering the participants to have a live event is a better solution to me. Just put a cell phone scrambler in the room.