Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exciting River Action

As Ryan correctly points out I play a gazillion hands on line every month so it is hard to find one that is truly interesting. Here an $18 pot with no betting until the river balloons into a $664 after the river card hits. I have to make a calculated guess against the uber aggressive I push U Pay that my low is better than his low as it is obvious we both have the nut high. I push U Pay raises a ton of pots with good to great hands so the likelihood of him having an A2 or A3 hand in a limped pot is pretty low.

Drew should especially like this hand as his mistake of putting in chips with a strong chance of being quartered is pretty minor compared to this pot. Check out I Push U Pay's position of being last to act, the anti position in this pot.

Monster River Action


Ryan said...

"As Ryan correctly points out I play a gazillion hands on line every month so it is hard to find one that is truly interesting."

Actually, I'm sure you are in tons of interesting hands given the number that you play. I've just told you that the bar for IMing me with bad beats and expecting me to have a "wow" reaction, or feel much empathy, is really high. When you play thousands and thousands of hands each month, and your whole strategy is, "get it in there way ahead and have some donk call me drawing super thin," you are naturally going to have many suckout stories. Your whole MO is to put opponents in a position where they need to suck out in a game that creates way more longshot-draw possibilities than hold'em.

So, for the record, I've restricted Jason to IMing me with four-figure pots, two-outers or worse, or two or more five-outers or worse within a couple orbits of each other. He doesn't adhere to my restrictions or anything, but that's what they are.

With that out of the way, I'll go back and actually check out this hand. Interesting hands are always welcome.

jsola said...

1. Why do you limp preflop? Are you looking to 3bet if raised?

2. You cold call the initial min-bet from the short stack... why?

3. Once aggro guy behind you raises, and short stack calls, you re-raise again. What's your rationale for raising now? Is this purely for value?

jason said...

I limp under the gun for several reasons AA69 is one of the worse AA combinations possible. Unless I flop hearts or an A I have no idea where I am at and have little to draw to that I can scoop.

I also limp because IRIX is horrible and short stacked. If he has any hand he will raise then I will shove.

No brilliant strategy with the cold call on the min bet, I was multi tabling saw I had the nuts in a small pot and decided to just call with someone behind me then I spent much more time on the subsequent betting.

Reraise again is strictly for value against I push u pay. He has the big stack. I know he has 69 and I want to 3/4 him on the side pot not knowing what SB has. I have the double nuts against him because he would raise with A2 and A3 hands.