Sunday, May 31, 2009

Please Don't Mix Food/Drink and Chips

After years of use the Bellagios finally got to the point where they needed to be cleaned. While not quite as bad as chips at Kenmore Lanes they were clearly not up to original condition. Some of them were sticking together so badly that people were putting in extra chips into the pot because there was a chip hanging on to the bottom of another chip. That is clearly a state which is below standards.

So I am currently in the process of cleaning all the chips that we use regularly. So far I'm a little more than half way through and it will have taken a few hours by the time all of the chips are done. Apart from the time, throw in the expense of a few jugs of distilled water, chip cleanser, rubber gloves, sacrificial towels, haz-mat disposal fees due to the lead content, etc. and it all adds up to something that I don't want to do again for a long long long time.

As such, I am requesting that all food and drink residue stay clear of the chips. Food and drink on the chips significantly contributes to the sticky chips which we all find less than desirable. If you want to eat, fine. Please do it away from the table surface. If you use your hands to eat do not handle the chips. The lead content of the chips alone should be enough reason for you not to eat and handle chips at the same time. If you do eat with your hands please either wash your hands in a sink or use wipes which I will keep in the equipment cases. Drinking at the table is fine. If your fingers get wet from condensation on the side of a bottle or glass that's OK too. However, if you get any beverage on your hand please either wash it off or ask for a wipe.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your cooperation. By keeping food and drink well away from chips we will all reap the benefits of nice clean chips.


royalbacon said...

If I bring some good salsa and qu├ęso can we then eat the chips?

Sushi Cowboy said...

Sure...but they'll cost $1/chip.

jtrey333 said...

Mmmm.. yummy lead.

Allvira said...

Yah!!! it'll not be a good decision... To have this..
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