Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Marsh's Kings

Below is Marsh's hand history of the hand that busted him out of Event 9:

Blinds were still 25-50. I had about 3000. Table was 5 handed at this point. I raise utg with KK after being active early, but missing all flops and now in drum mode. I make it 200 straight. Folds to SB who flats. He is my target at the table so I am pretty happy. Flop is J 9 4r. He donk bets into me for 300, I raise him to 1300, he tank-flats. Turn is a 6, he checks, I ship the rest and he calls. We roll over KK vs 69o, river is an 8.


Ryan said...


That's not poker. What a donk. Sorry dude.

jsola said...


Austin said...

Dude, that's just sick. Sorry to hear about that =\.

Anonymous said...

you'll make it up X5 in the side games. sorry to hear about the beat.