Monday, June 29, 2009

Really Cold Deck

It is hard to lose this many coin flips and take as many bad beats as I did in a 2 day span. Somehow I still have half of my roll in tact and hope to grind my way back up. I don't think I tilted too much though I did play a few more hands than usual to try to get unstuck. I believe I lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 all ins, the 15 recorded here, a cooler, and 1 hand I put in chips drawing dead. I think I won about 5 all ins.

I am going to have to drop down in stakes but can still comfortably play $2/$4 PLO and PLO8. Long way from Durr land though.

If anyone can survive this session, there is little chance it could get worse.

Here are the 15 all in losses I recorded.

Flopped Nuts then hit a bad turn

One of the 6 outs on a 3 way all in hits

Lose a Coin Flip I am slightly ahead

Bad River Way ahead when Money goes in

Lose on Pot Committed Aces

Way Ahead then a Bad River

Better Wrap with Bigger Flush Draw Does Not Work Out

Aces against 2588 single suited all in Preflop Bad Result

Lose a Flip Slightly Behind

Lose another Flip Slightly Behind

Bad River ahead when Money Goes In

Ahead on Coin Flip Bad Result

Brutal 2 Outer on the River

Flopped Nuts Can't Hold Up

Coin Flip Slightly Behind

As bad as this run was at least I was not one outed. Look at this poor soul, though I am not in this hand.

Top Boat No Good

So I temporarily have an enforced no online poker rule. MB changed my password. Still not twitching though I am getting close.


jason said...

I neglected one detail, the last hand posted is not a one outer, it is a runner runner perfect perfect hand with a running straight flush beating top boat. I also saw quad 6's get busted by a straight flush, weird day.

Ryan said...

That's a sick run, but I like your approach to damage control. Play again when you can do so with a clear head and not a shred of "chase" in your motivations, and you will get it all back.