Monday, May 3, 2010

Reminder to handle only your own cards and chips

I know that I mentioned this before in the etiquette email but I think it bears repeating that you should only handle your own cards and chips.

Last weekend there was a significant error in the size of the pot which was only detected due to the two players being all in and having identical stacks since the session had just started. In that hand a player had made his own change from the pot. Money in the pot no longer belongs to the player and should not be touched except by the dealer. Though it may take longer for a strap to be changed out for stacks of chips it is done to help eliminate pot errors such as the one that happened Saturday.

Also, you should not touch another player's cards as this 2+2 thread so eloquently demonstrates.

Just a reminder that the etiquette protocols are there for a reason and not just so I get to play OCD rules nazi. Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation.


Austin said...

I'm curious what your take on the situation is for the 2+2 site. What would you have done if you were the house?

Either way, that's a fucked up situation :(.

Marshall said...

You are an OCD rules nazi though.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Still drafting my response. I'm super glad that I wasn't floor at the time having to make an on the spot decision. Agreed that it is majorly effed up.

Of course I am. Just saying that that's not the ONLY reason for the protocols. ;)