Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Death of Cake

Well it looks like a good run has more or less ended for me. I plan to cash out most all of my remaining balance on cake after a rough run post WSOP. The final straw was not being able to fire up any O8 tables and then having to multi table $1/$2 PLO with Wind Tunnel at my table.

Wind Tunnel is an exceptionally good player who typically plays the highest stakes available on cake. I would typically see him at $5/$10 and $2/4 and even $25/$50 when it used to run.

Everyone rousted him for playing so low to which Wind Tunnel responded "Come on guys there is nothing running". I then asked him if he was up for the year. He said he was about even after being down $100K earlier. If a player like Wind Tunnel can't make any money then I had to ask myself what I am doing here.

I plan to more or less stop playing on line for the summer and then will evaluate the options available in the fall. I can't beat the game on Poker Stars and am not motivated enough to try to make Supernova this year. The game has clearly evolved from the 9 high callers on the river who thought they had a low in PLO8 to 24 tablers in PLO and PLO8 ( I have now met 3 people who claim to do this profitably).

In any case. I am most thankful for an amazing journey and an amazing run.

For the stat junkies out there, here are the stats on player traffic at cake and other sites:

Poker Traffic Article


royalbacon said...

“…here are the stats…” and then nothing. Does that mean the stats don’t exist?

Why not move to Full Tilt, Jason?

Sushi Cowboy said...

If anyone is interested in buying out $100 worth of Cake chips let me know.

Elizabeth Swan said...

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