Saturday, August 4, 2007

Leaked script from movie Rounders II: Euro-Rounders

Found a link to this post in a poker forum where there is leaked dialogue from the upcoming sequel to Rounders. Not really a spoiler but I should mention that knowledge of the first movie and Omaha is critical to understanding the exchanges between characters.


Ryan said...

That's pretty funny, but you know that's a gag post, right? If not, you must not have made it to the part where he picks up Worm from prison (again?) and they kiss passionately on the mouth...

Sushi Cowboy said...

My post was serious, that is actual leaked dialog. When have I EVER made a post to this blog that was not 100% straight shooting tell it like it is honest statements?

jsola said...

Michel: "I bet the pot."

Teddy CIA: "I raise the pot."

Michel: "I reraise the pot."

Teddy CIA: "I reraise the pot."

Michel: "Pot."

Teddy CIA: "Pot."

Michel: "Pot."

Teddy CIA: "Pot."

Michel: "Pot."

Teddy CIA: "Pot."

hahahahahahahha lolmaha indeed.

Marshall said...

that's pretty good stuff. " no way, you need like 300,000 euros to sit in a game like that." LOL