Wednesday, January 16, 2008

True Cake Challenge: $100.45

Finally busted into triple digits. Full report on my blog for all of the gory details.

My promising start was followed up with the adversity of running bad and some ill-timed tilt episodes. But overall I have found the Cake Challenge to be a tremendously useful tool. Being accountable to the line chart means playing for keeps and d0nking off a buy-in means you need to work that much harder to get it back. Bankroll management has been indispensable to really understanding what it takes to win at poker, given me new gears to incorporate into my play, and really has changed my outlook on poker and more.

For the record, this is the hand that put me over the top: KJ rivers the nuts and get paid in full by the sucker straight.

That's it for now. I'll post back on the mother ship blog when I do something else interesting. In the meanwhile, feel free to stop by my blog anytime you want to keep tabs on the True Cake Challenge.


royalbacon said...
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royalbacon said...
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jason said...

Congratulations, Will. Nice work to cross the cnote threshold.

I feel honored that there are references to Jason type draws on your blog.

That's the beauty of Omaha 8, there is always a Jason draw, just the question of whether or not you should chase it.

I hope to post an update on my sessions soon. Marsh is coaching me on how to make the semi private blogs that yourself, Ryan and Marsh have mastered.

royalbacon said...

Congrats, Will. That's awesome.