Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Overall comments from the peanut gallery

OK, I may not be an on line god, but I have had some success and amazingly have not busted out in 2 years of play. So I hope you all take these comments as good constructive advice and wish you all find the road to 4 and 5 figure bankrolls.

I have read Adam Royal and Marsh's blogs. Amazingly, you all picked .02/.04 NLHE as your game of choice with a $100.00 bankroll. I understand Royal as he is a darn good NLHE player, but both Marsh and Adam have had success with PLO and did not attempt the microstakes of PLO. Yes, it is way more swingy and maybe a $100 bankroll can not support it. I will confess I have lost 20 percent or near 20 percent of my bankroll on numerous occassions (probably 5 or 6 sessions) and I am still surviving. Maybe 10 percent is the limit for one night of running bad given the more strict bankroll management you wish to use. So far though it looks like no one is dominating the .02/.04 tables (I know it is still early).

I only see a couple comments of super horrible play by the villains (rivernit) who stacks off with QJ preflop against Adam and another dude who stacks off with 55 preflop. Where is the game selection? It looks like Marsh had the unfortunate circumstance of running bad and finding good players at a .02/04 table. Is there not an option of leaving the table and trying to find a softer microstakes table?

If I find a PLO8 table with OMG Adderall, OJ Didn't do it, hollowman, and I push u pay, I will generally get the hell out. I may be as good as these guys but I do not consider myself to have a material advantage.

Now if I find a table with this bozo I want to stay forever. Playing against Bozo calling station

Adam looks to be running good as he gets it all in with QQ against JJ and AA against 55. But I have yet to see comments like I know I can dominate this table because the players are just awful.

Winning poker is mainly about finding a game that you are better than others or finding a specific table with donks willing to give away their money. Finding these games is not easy but should be the goal of everyone in the challenge.


Sushi Cowboy said...

Yeah but remember that some games are *unbeatable*.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Oh and I should add that I find it a little ironic that the person who displayed probably the worst bankroll management is commenting on growing a bankroll. I'm not saying that the advice is incorrect or that Jason hasn't had immense success online. Just sayin' it seems ironic.

royalbacon said...

I may try my hand at PLO, just because I’m a darn good NLHE player.