Monday, January 18, 2010

Rake and Rakeback

I signed up for Full Tilt so I can participate in the Cake II challenge and I made sure to do a rakeback deal. The best FTP offers is 27% compared to the 33% that Cake gives. I'm OK with the trade off because FTP spreads more games, both in variety and quantity. Marsh showed me HoldemManager and one of the features it has is to show what your earnings are including the rakeback so you can see the graph with and without rakeback included. It is sobering. If you want to see something comical try plugging in your rakeback as 100%, in other words, no rake, just like at our home games. That graph really makes you want to cry.

Nothing new here. We all know the relentless erosion of money that rake exacts on our bankrolls but when you see the disparity illustrated it really drives the point home. I'm sure that I'll periodically lament that extra 6% that I'm not getting compared to Cake but I will have to keep reminding myself that I am OK with the compromise.


Aclowery said...

I read a quote today, it was unattributed and I don't know if it's true, but it read:

"Poker's a game where player's win a billion dollars a year off each other, and Casinos make 27 billion a year just being around them."

I find it a little dubious, but not totally unbelievable.

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