Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Rush Poker" for die hard action junkies

FTP has just introduced Rush Poker. It is a ring game where you can play a whole lot of hands per hour because you are moved from one table to the next as soon as you fold so there is not waiting for the rest of hand to play out. And if you are really in a rush you can click the auto-fold button and leave *before* it even gets to you though your cards will look the same to the rest of the table. Stakes are .05/.10 to .25/.50 currently. Tables are averaging about 300 hands/hour! Perhaps ironically, the 6 max tables average fewer hands/hour than the full ring tables.

Not sure how exploitable this is. Is it EV+ enough to basically fold anything but AA, KK, or AK and then shove with a min-buy? Or how about squeezing from the BB pre=flop on any limped pot? Since players will likely be dumping any junk hands does that just make it an arms race between premium hands? I tried to sit down and watch but it is not allowed so I don't know how it plays.


chuck m said...


Sounds like a mindless grind, but crazy profitable. Wish Cake had something similar I could try.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Just found out that FTP has Rush Poker available on the free money tables. Need a minimum of 2K so you'll need to run up your default starting stack of 1K but it will allow you to try it without commiting any real monies.