Thursday, January 7, 2010

Record of Action Last Night on Cake Handicapping

Here is the action I have:

Marsh betting on Marsh $20 @2.7:1
Woody betting on Woody @20 @ 9:1
Adam betting on Adam $20 @ 7.33:1
Mark betting on Marsh $20 @1.7:1
Jeh betting on Adam $10 @ 7.33:1
Chuck betting on Mike $5.00 @8.09:1
Jeh betting on Mike $5.00 @8.09:1
Chuck betting on Chuck $5.00 @5.25:1
Adam betting on Mike $5.00 @8.09:1
Adam betting on Marsh $5.00 @1.63:1
Adam betting on Chuck $5.00 @5.25:1.

The race will be between Marsh, Adam, Chuck, Mike, Woody, and Royal.

The winner will be the person with the largest bankroll from their starting roll of $100.00 on July 1, 2010.

If anyone needs me to fund their account please contact me at I believe I need your screen name and your email address assigned on cake. I can then transfer money into your account from mine and you can reimburse me at poker.


jason said...

For the record, MB wants $5 of action on Royal to win at 15:1. Any takers as I obviously have a conflict of interest here.

jason said...

In the highly unlikely event of a 6 way bust out, all bettors will have their original bet returned to them.

Aclowery said...

Having missed poker last night so I could complete a complete unnecessary task for my company, I missed all the excitement. Is it too late to put in bets?

I'd like to put 15$ on Adam and 5$ on Chuck, if action is still available.

jason said...

No problem with Chuck if you want 5.25:1. I already have too much action on Adam though. I could give you 3.5:1 if you are interested but I can't offer the same previous favorable odds as I acted as the bookie for all prior bets.

Adam has become the dark horse second favorite behind Marsh.

royalbacon said...

I’ll take MB’s action.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Not sure how much of a conflict of interest there would be but MB is welcome to put money on Royal over at the Sushi Book. Currently she would be getting 20:1.

royalbacon said...

Why would there be a conflict of interest in MB putting money down at the Sushi Book?

And of course I was kidding about giving her the action against me. Clearly I’m going to win, so that would be a dumb bet anyway.

Aclowery said...

Damn, Adam was my sleeper favorite at 7 to 1. No, I don't think 3.5 : 1 is worth it, sorry Adam. I'll definitely take the 5$ on chuck though.

jason said...

Got it, you have $5 on Chuck, Drew, at 5.25:1.