Thursday, March 19, 2009

Game changing new procedure

Unless there are serious objections I would like to implement a new procedure for any time we are doing either Dealer's Choice (one orbit of a game called by each player in sequence around the table) or Mixed Game format (a pre-determined set rotation of games).

The new procedure for game changes would be:

* Button starts on me for each orbit of a game. This is so it will be easier for me, and everyone else, to remember when a complete orbit is complete. Since we always play a complete orbit of each game there would be no advantage or disadvantage to having the button start in a specific spot since everyone would have one one hand in each position at some point in the orbit.

* For Dealer's Choice nights we will still draw high card to decide who picks their game first since each player does not necessarily get the same amount of picks as everyone else.

I would like to implement this effective immediately and use it on Saturday. Let me know if you have any input on the matter. Thanks!


Ulfendar said...

As long as you continue to deal my name card to me, wherever I sit down, I am approve this change.

royalbacon said...

I'm royalbacon and I approve this message.

Ryan said...

Typical Martin. "Me me me me me."