Tuesday, March 17, 2009

High Stakes Poker Season 5 - Episode 3

They're getting better at cracking down on hosting the episodes, even the pokertube links to season 5 have been disabled, but papa's got your medicine right here:


Get it while it's hot!



Anonymous said...

Poor Daniel, always get hammered on HSP.Walked into that one though. Steaming plus medium strength hand in a 5 (?) way pot = busted. Show is picking up in quality but I'm getting tired of all the internet guys with the exception of Drrr, who is playing quite a game, talk about heart, though I think he gets snapped off by someone like Sammy.

Ulfendar said...

I was underwhelmed by episode 3. Episode 2 was pretty intense though. You're right, though, DKPN does run terrible on these shows.