Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some good news, some bad news

Bad news first. An appeals court has rejected a case calling for the Washington state online poker ban to be repealed. Apparently our fine state thinks it's too important that we be protected from the evils of online gambling. Why not enjoy one of our fine brick and mortar casinos instead?


And in slightly better news, two congressman are planning on introducing pro-online poker legislation in "2-3 weeks." Ironically, one of the congressmen is from Washington state.



Sushi Cowboy said...

"Why not enjoy one of our fine brick and mortar casinos instead?"

...or play Lotto! Which makes it even more hypocritical that they don't at least allow low stakes Fixed Limit Hold'em or Pot Limit Omaha/8.

Woodrow said...

On the bright side, that probably means less competition for Jason's rakeback challenge. Silver lining guys!

Anonymous said...

hey, when you all get busted by fbi swat guys and hauled away in the middle of the night, can I have your stuff?

Sushi Cowboy said...

You won't be getting anything from me since I don't partake in felonious acts like some other people. Btw, I get Marshall's car...after it gets out of the shop.

Marshall said...

Brant you can have all my stuff except my car which Marty gets. Except Jeh gets all the stuff in my condo (previous arrangement) and Woody gets my bike since he can ride it.

Brant that leaves you with the chairs and wizard hats in my storage unit thing and my backpack full of Magic Cards. congrats!

Anonymous said...

yay! do I inherit the life counter business? Finally, I can make porn-version cards for magic. I'll be rich!

jason said...

Anyone want to move to London? It's legal and any gambling earnings are not taxed. Brian Townsend did this and I am pretty sure Peter Eastgate will be moving to a more friendly tax situation than Denmark.

It's pretty bizarre that our state chooses to not tax and regulate this. I am pretty sure the law will change in our lifetime, probably nationally though as I don't think our state will lead the way.