Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where to play, which day to play on, and when to start

I wanted to do a temperature check on the location/day/time aspects of the midweek game.

* Location - I think the current location has been great. Plenty of room for two tables, easy access, nearby street parking, uber-convenient for players who work there, nice view, accessible smoking porch, etc. etc. As long as we have a host I don't see a reason to play anywhere else. The trend lately has been for Chuck to maybe play, Joe to leave earlier than midnight, and Brant to take breaks from poker from time to time. Not that I'm complaining, everyone has the right to play whenever they want and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that having Chuck, Joe, or Brant host at the office is very much appreciated. And I certainly don't want anyone to feel like they are obligated to host or stay later than they would like. All that said, if we could find an alternate location and a host who plans to play the entire session on a regular basis then we'd have a backup plan for those weeks when we do not have a host at the normal location. Enough room for two tables would be a bonus but having any second site at all would be a good thing. Does anyone have suggestions for an alternate location?

* Day - I know there are some like me who largely don't care if I play on Tuesday or Wednesday. However, I know that one day works out better than the other for some people. I also think that people's preference should be weighted based on attendance. If there is a strong preference among the players who show up almost every week then I think that would carry more influence than an occasional player's preference. Does anyone have preferences for which day we should play?

* Time - The time listed to start is 7pm though we basically never get going by then. Sometimes I don't have everything set up by then but we rarely have everyone ready to play by then either. Is 7pm too soon or would making an 8pm start just mean that we're going to start as late after 8pm as we are doing now at 7pm? I know that many players like playing Magic as well and that it is hard to determine the end time of a game but people who do show up on time cannot start until we have enough players. Personally I wouldn't mind showing up earlier and playing a little extra on the front side instead of going past midnight. At what time do people feel they will be ready to play by?

Thanks in advance for everyone's input. Hopefully we will get a smoother running poker night that works out better overall for everyone.


Ulfendar said...

Location: I can host at my office when I'm playing. We don't have as much space as Surreal, but we have enough for at least one full table.

Day: I have a slight preference for Tuesdays, but it's very slight.

Time: I've assumed 7:00pm is show up time not, not start time. I add 15-40 minutes of BS and magic to that before I expect to be catching cards. I can show up 15 minutes earlier some days, though a lot of days I end up running late.

Ryan said...

As long as I can reign in the creeping chaos that plagues my life, my place is a backup option, but not a total failsafe. If we need a place, check with me and I can try to provide one. The more warning I have the better the chance I can host, both for coordinating with the family and beating back the chaos. With enough warning I can even set up two tables.

No strong preference on Tues/Wed for now, but my better half teaches right now, and her schedule shifts from quarter to quarter. "No strong preference" could turn into an absolute if she teaches an evening class.

My weak preference is for Tuesday.

The ~7:00 start works for me in the sense that sometimes I'm able to show up early and play some Magic, sometimes I have to work and show up later.

No poker night starts perfectly on time; this is why Chinese was invented. I also seriously think Call My Bluff for money could catch on as a shorthanded pre-poker gambling game if you guys give it a try.

I also think the Magic players can be reasonable about recognizing when poker is being held up. If there are three non-Magic players drumming their fingers while two Magic matches are going on at 7:10, surely one pair of Planeswalkers will be willing to bail for poker at the end of the next game.

In the meantime...CMB/Chinese FTW, I'm tellin' you.

Ryan said...

I found out that if an evening class happens, I will be housebound on Tuesday evenings. Won't know if the class is on or not for a little bit, here, but would obviously prefer Wednesdays in that case.

Brant said...

Bad news on my end.

My slight bankroll has now been whittled to zero due to increasing costs of my son's therapies. More therapies mean more money going there and less going to you (via me).
I will only be able to play on the rare occasion that I get enough cash from freelance work, which in this economy has been dry, to say the least). I must remove myself from the position of host. If it looks like I can play, I will let Martin know as early as possible so the location can be locked down. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes. Worst case, I can be a passive host for the game here if no one else from Surreal is going to attend. I have plenty of work to keep me occupied while you guys play but would want to close down no later than 11:30.

I wish it were different, as you guys know my degeneracy knows little bounds, but the opportunity to get my boy a lot more hands on help from two more specialists is too important to pass on.

When I win the lotto, I'll be back to donking stacks of cash. As for now, I'm mothballing the gamble-wiener, you'll find it in the desert next to all those cold war era bombers, and in about the same condition as they are too.

Marshall said...

I would prefer Tuesday's in general, as we have moved it for Chuck mainly but he hardly even comes. I think for some people, playing Wednesday decreases the chances of being able to play just two short days later on a Friday night game. If it were Tuesday though, they might be able to swing it.

Brant- Hopefully you can find some other source of income as I will miss your company, at least come say hi. Thanks for hosting all those times too man, much appreciated.

jason said...

I like the 7 p.m. start time, though I rarely show up on time. I realize that it takes a while to get going and usually end up there between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. But when I do show there is almost always a game going or just about to go so it works great for me as I like to leave early. This time of year I am totally indifferent on Tues. vs. Wed.