Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Heard about this interesting game on a podcast. And I realized that what our mixed-game nights really need is more ways to play Badugi!

I'm having a hard time finding clear rules for how it's played, but this is what I've been able to gather from random internet forum posts.

Baduci is a hybrid of Badugi and 2-7 Triple Draw. Players are dealt five cards, and they are trying to make both the best 2-7 hand and the best four-card Badugi hand. Betting and drawing follow the same rules as Triple Draw, so you get four rounds of betting and three draws.

Baduci is a split pot game. Half of the pot goes to the player with the best 2-7 hand, and the other half goes to the player with the best four card Badugi hand. Three (and fewer) card Badugis do not count.

I've seen some discussions as to whether Aces are high or low for the Badugi portion (they are always high for the 2-7 pot). I'm leaning towards Aces high for both, as that allows for a truly nut-nut hand (2-3-4-5-7, 2345 rainbow), and the only rationale for low aces I've been able to find is that "it confuses the fish."

So there it is, yet another way to play Badugi! Just what everyone wanted. Who's up for some high stakes NLBaduci? How about a Baduci/Badugi/2-7TD cycle tournament? HU Baduci freezeout for rolls???


Woodrow said...

We can add Baduci, and yet we can't even play good old 5 card draw? Let's add rock, paper, scissors to the rotation.

jsola said...


Your move.

Woodrow said...

I go rock too, chop it up.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Paper FTW!

For split pot games I think it makes sense to have a scoop hand but for double lowball it just seems odd to have A as high but have straights (even four card straights) not count against you. Dunno. Besides, if you have the nut 2-7 you almost certainly are going to win the Badugi hand too since you can play 7432. Of course we could always throw in a declare as well...

If anyone else an opinion about adding 5 card draw to the DC rotation then add a comment below with your view on the matter.

Ulfendar said...

I would like to see 5 card draw added to the dealers choice rotation. I have no opinion on Baduci, other than it seeming really chop heavy which is not really my taste (HUPTT being the exception), but that just means I won't call it.

jsola said...

Sushi: Badugi is already an odd game, with any doubled suit counting against you. Can't think of any other poker variant that does that. I don't think making Aces high is too radical of a change. Only thing I can think of, if aces are low, then you have a higher likelihood of someone holding on to them and going all-out for the badugi wheel (probably against someone else going for a good 2-7 hand). Otherwise Aces are completely worthless and everyone's all drawing to the same cards at the same time. I'm not sure how that would change the game, though. More bricking out in multi-way pots I guess?

Oh and I'm down for five card draw. That's what they played in Maverick!

royalbacon said...

I agree with Sola 100%. Which is pretty much true in EVERYTHING I do.