Thursday, April 16, 2009

High Stakes HA on "TV"

Hey, those pros are copying our idea of playing HA! At the Aussie Millions cash game this year they started doing a NLHE and PLO rotation. And wouldn't you know it? They happened to film it and it is now on the Internets for our viewing pleasure.

Link to first segment of first episode: You're on your own for the rest of the links!


jsola said...

Aaaahahahaha, the Robl vs. Antonius hand in part 4 is EPIC. Holy shit how do you play that bad and run that good.

Marshall said...

SO awful. Jason is going to puke when he sees how Robl played this..

Ryan said...

Thanks for the link Martin!

Ryan said...

LOL! Just saw The Hand.

Jason will puke at how Robl played it? What do you mean, look at the results!

jason said...

Robl's play is pretty bad. When Antonious check raises his hand range as a good player who knows what he is doing is basically the folllowing:

Any set
A wrap and a flush draw (actual hand)
bare nut flush draw possibly with pair and or gutter
A wrap no flush draw

Antonius is not going to check raise with any other hand as an experienced Omaha player.

So if Robl thought it through the only hand he should stack off with is if Antonious has a bare nut flush draw as he is likely either ahead or flipping. All other scenarios he is way behind.

At least Robl counted his runner runner flush draw and runner runner boat draw as outs. Always count the runner runners at at least a half and out together he probably had one or two outs.

jason said...

As brutal as that hand was for Antonious, I have seen worse. Check out this recent hand I had.

I don't blame the guy for shoving his chips in but losing the whole pot here was brutal.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Just watched the Antonius/Robl hand. That is just plain ridonkulous.

Ryan said...

Jason, please confirm: your example of having seen worse than the Robl/Antonius hand is this:

26.1% equity, with an 8% chance to win the whole pot, compared to running it FOUR TIMES with 73% equity and losing all of them?

he was worse than 1 in 64 to lose all's 1 in 64 (1.5%) to lose four straight 3:1-favorite scenarios, but each time Robl sucked out, he took away outs for his next shot.

Your hand sucked, but come on, Jason, that hand was way worse...

jason said...

The running it 4 times does put it in a special category, I agree but look at my example of top and bottom pair with an overpair against mid pair. I am 78.2 against 21.7

My nut flush against second nut flush is 74 to 26%.

The quads vs. top set was just brutal but he did have equity because of the low draw and straight draw.

jason said...

Ryan don't forget the runner runner perfect hand a few months back. Running quads to beat top boat. Micro stacked but still a worse beat.

Ryan said...

Yeah, but you didn't reference that one, did you? You handed us some eight-percenter. *yawn*