Friday, April 3, 2009

High Stakes Poker Season 5 - Episode 5


Brant said...

Game is really starting to open up, the impatience of some of the younger players is becoming very apparent. Also, I'd like to change my initial views on Dwan from being an attention seeker to being a very, very good poker player who will eclipse Helmuth in a couple of years if he can keep his bankroll. I am gaining appreciation for the level of his game each time I watch him. Sahamiez and eastgate can be replaced by a picture of my hairy butt, which is eminently more entertaining and interesting than they are. Anyone else notice how gunshy Negraneau is, Barry and Elezra are the only ones consistently mixing it up with the youngsters. Show is starting to get better now.


Mark said...

I have watch this video; it was really enthusiastic. This show was marvelous.

Thanks for this link.

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