Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dealer errors

In order to become even *more* of a rules nazi I do check to make sure if I handle irregularities correctly. Recently there were two incidents which came up where I inadvertently used the wrong procedure.

* Wrong colored card - there was a gold card which showed up in one of the other decks at WNP. Having a card from another deck is one of the few instances where a hand is invalidated. At the time the card showed up (it happened to be pre-flop, during the deal) I don't even think there had been any action yet. If any money had been put into the pot then all bets should be returned. What I did was to replace it with the card below it which is incorrect procedure for that case. Speaking of which...

* Boxed (face up) card - a face up card was dealt as one of a player's hole cards. Correct procedure here is to treat the card as a "meaningless scrap of paper" and to deal the card below it to the person who was dealt the boxed card. I had used this procedure to address the wrong colored card above. What I did was treat the face up card as a face down card which had been exposed by the dealer so I completed the deal, gave the person with the boxed card the burn card, and used the face up card as the burn.

I apologize for the errors. But following up on irregularities helps me to make sure that they are handled properly if/when they come up again. By the way, once the hand is complete all action stands.

By the way, after the hand is complete all action stands.


jtrey333 said...

By the way, when the hand is complete all action stands.

Sushi Cowboy said...

"By the way, when the hand is complete all action stands."

...that too.

Anonymous said...

"hey sarge, I caught a hanger!"