Thursday, April 30, 2009

More dealer errors this month

Well this should be the last installment of dealer errors for the month...hopefully.

* Joe versus Martin. J33 flop. J on the turn. Martin checks, Joe fires a second shell, Martin tanks for the cameras (holding J3, natch) and tries to figure how to extract maximum value here. When reaching back for the stub brushes the top card off of the deck and flips it over. Since action was not complete the stub should have been re-shuffled since Joe acted without knowledge of that card. Instead the deck was left untouched. My bad. In retrospect I was thinking that I should have exposed my Trey explaining that it was the case Trey, reshuffled, then (as long as the Trey doesn't come out on the river) fired a small five dollar bet on the end accompanied by a WAWB speech to look like a blocker bet and hope Joe raises me.

* Jokers at Dealer's Choice. MB and Ryan ended up with jokers in their hand. A joker should be replaced by the next card off the deck just like a boxed (face up) card like earlier this month. I see no reason why two jokers shouldn't be treated the same way. Two exposed cards during the deal constitute a misdeal but there is no rule specifying that two irregular cards create a misdeal.

Apologies again folks. The good news is that each time irregularities like these come up and I research the procedure then I know what to do the next time the same situation or similar situations come up.


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Sushi Cowboy said...

Hand #1 (Joe vs. Martin) is not so clear after all. After asking around the forum it seems like there is a plenty big enough contingent who say to treat it like any other exposed card and to keep the original river card. Seems reasonable enough to me.

Kiraoku said...

both of those were handled correctly. the top card of the stub is the burn, and it's announced as exposed. Jokers are foreign cards and void a hand the same way two aces of spades would. these rules protect you from angle shooting.