Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hand(s) worse than the Patrick Antonious bad beat

Check these out:

Random Boat Against Nut Flush, Pair and Gutter

Top and Bottom Pair Losing to Middle Pair

Nuts and Redraw losing to Bottom Set

Top Set Loses to Bottom Set


Sushi Cowboy said...

Worse than Robl's suckout? Set over set is for sure. Top and bottom versus middle pair is a little worse than Robl's. But the other two are relative coin flips at 58/42, no?

jason said...

No, I am pretty far ahead in both. Here is the simulator on my nut flush against his second nut flush when he catches random runner runner boat.

The other one is fairly standard set trying to boat up with one card to come and not quite priced in. Not a bad call, just annoying.

jason said...

Sorry can't get the link to post. It says 74% equity me, 26% villain. We mostly chop but I have 452 wins to his 60 wins in the simulation.

Sushi Cowboy said...

My bads. I had Qc instead of Qs which stole your flush outs. And I didn't see that the money got in after turn on the other hand.

Yup, bad suckouts. I guess Villains have been getting advice from Robl on how to suck out.

Marshall said...

I am not sure how these are worse than Robl's or what they even have to do with that hand?

Ryan said...

Well, I chided Jason for trying to one-up the Robl/Anto hand with one that was clearly not worse, so he was honor-bound to follow up with some better ones.

Still, for sheer spectacle if not straight statistics, it's awfully hard to beat running it four times for $400K (or so) on television with a 3:1 advantage and losing all four. That's just legendary poker right there.