Sunday, September 9, 2007

Found: Steamboat Timmy

Marsh burnt me a DVD with some WSOP coverage. I was watching the 7cs final table and who should be dealing to Lisandro, Negreanu, and company but my good friend Steamboat Timmy from Caesars Palace as chronicled here.

Back in May he sat down at my table and this guy was steaming bad. He was in a yelling match at a different table before coming over to my 1/3 table. Then after he sat down at my table he got into a couple of heated discussions about the rules or procedures and he insisted that the dealer was incorrect. He wasn't to the point of calling the Floor over but he just could not let the disagreement drop as he kept bitching about it for a number of hands after the infraction. The ironic thing was that after he raked in a pot he would STILL tip the dealer then added a comment to the table with words to the effect of "I'm pissed but I'm not a dick! I'm in the industry!" Well it looks like we found out his role.

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