Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mixing it up - review

With the first night of Dealer's Choice in the book, it's time for a review. This was a new thing for me so I apologize for not being more on top of the rules and procedures but we as we all improve our skills at mixed games I will be more effective at running the floor for them. If you have feedback, comment away on this post. My stuff is below:

* I looked it up and verified that the bring in goes to the worst (low in high games, high in low games) card by rank and suit. On subsequent rounds the ties are broken by going clockwise from the dealer.

* I don't know if some of us were doing this or not but in stud games there should be a burn card before dealing a round of cards like in Hold'em.

* In stud games, if there the person opening has a pair on fourth street (second up card) then any player has the option to bet either the small bet or the big bet. Once someone opts to go to the larger bet, all subsequent raises must be increments of the big bet amount.

* How were stakes? I thought 4/8 worked out OK. I think the limit structure allows plenty of time to bail on a draw and keeps crying call amounts manageable. Also I picked 4/8 because it provided for a reasonable 4:1 ration between the small bet and the antes. As we get better I think we could bump those up to maybe a 6/12?

* I have a post out on a forum to get answers to the irregularities that happened last night and will get back to you guys with answers when I get them.

* Too many people? I'm glad we got not only enough turnout but a full table (you don't want more than eight people for 7cs games) but having more than six players prevented us from playing 2-7 triple draw. Do we want to cap the number of attendees on the next mixed game night? I think we need to at least cap it at eight players if we are going to have stud games available. Or another option is to have players sit out. For example, if we have eight and offer 2-7 triple draw for an orbit then we can have the two players behind the button sit out so everyone has to sit out a couple of hands in a row as that game proceeds on its orbit. It would serve as a good time to take a break too.

* How do you want to handle playing these games in the future? Convert one night a month of mid-week poker to dealer's choice? Play an orbit where the dealer can call his own game for one hand at the beginning of a mid-week poker night then switch to Hold'em like normal? Just save mixed games for occasions like last night and not mess with the normal WNP program?

Sorry again about the rough edges last night, I'm sure next time will be smoother after we process feedback and I do more research on rules/procedures.


Marshall said...

I don't think we should mess with WNP, as we have people that play with us that have no want of other games. As far as weekends go, I am game for working it in. I liked playing NL at the end too.

Ryan said...


Bob Loblaw said...

* That's interesting that there should be a burn on stud games. I was not doing that, and don't recall seeing anybody else doing it.

* I'm not following the rule about having a pair in stud games on 4th street. Exactly WHEN does any player have the option to be the small or big bet? I think what you're saying is, when the high hand on 4th street of a stud game is a pair (showing), then that player can check, bet 4 or bet 8 (or fold, I suppose). If they choose to fold or check, then the next player clockwise has the same options. Is this correct?

What you could be saying is that, if the high, paired hand were to open with four, and then a subsequent raiser were to raise to 8, then the NEXT person to raise would have to raise to 16. Right?

* I liked 4/8.

* I like the idea of sitting out from behind the button, if necessary. Allows more people to play, and keeps it all kosher pickles. Also allows people like myself, who call at the last minute to say "Change of plans, I can play tonight!" to actually be allowed to play.

* Don't mess with WNP. I won't be able to play that many Friday games, but I'll be sticking with the Wednesday-night game, and would much prefer to play NL Holdem all night long.

Sushi Cowboy said...

If a burn card makes sense in Hold'em then I can see why the same reasoning would apply in Stud. The only mitigating factor is that you will never run out of cards in Hold'em but could easily do so at a full table of Stud.

You summation is correct. ANY player can introduce a big bet at any time, not just the player with the pair showing. But once the betting has bumped up to a big bet then, just like Hold'em, all subsequent raises need to be big bets as well.

Sounds like consensus is to keep WNP the same. No problemo.

Look for the return of mixed game night in the future though!