Friday, September 14, 2007

Quote of the Day

Today's QOTD is brought to you by the game of Omaha:
"Pre-flop I had a good hand, but I'd only seen 4 of my 2 cards."

Ran across that on the Internet and was really reflecting on how much Omaha seems like high stakes coin flipping.


Ryan said...

There's no question it's a game with a lot of gamble, with hands frequently coming down to pot-committing or pushing in a postflop coin flip. Once you accept the swingy nature of the game, though, you can see that skill bears out in the long run, just like in any good poker game.

In Omaha, I am generally happy to flip a coin on the flop or later for all my chips, given all the inevitable dead money to be won at that point. However, you will provide the dead money that other people are flipping coins over a lot of the time, so the real skill in Omaha is setting appropriate preflop hand-selection standards and then knowing when you are flipping post flop and when you aren't.

How do you do those things? Well, my book, Omaha for Advanced Players, is coming out next year, and when it does, I will reveal to you all how to define your hand-selection standards, and how to know which of your draws are live postflop...

Sushi Cowboy said...

Is that book coming out before or after the the next volume of the Jasonland Travel Guide?