Thursday, September 20, 2007

TNP Online Poker Challenge Update?

I’m curious — how’s the challenge going? I’m not in the running, so if you who are aren’t ready to give an update, just ignore me.

How about weekly totals with a rough estimate of the amount of hours played?


Austin said...

I actually wanted to know if we'd started yet at all. I didn't think we'd settled on rules, time limits, etc to have actually started although I'd very much like to.

Ryan said...

Don't overthink it. See what you can do with your $50 and share with the class.

My approach is basically that of Ferguson, although I think I will allow myself "shots" at a higher game, but only when I've built up a cushion such that a single losing session at the higher game won't take me under my bankroll comfort level for the "appropriate" stakes.

I haven't had much time for it, though. I've played two short cash game sessions, and one $1 single-table SNG. I failed to make money at any of them, and I'm probably at $45 or so.

Marshall said...

The challenge has begun. I was working up to an update, but wanted some time to pass before I did.

I started with 50.00 on CakePoker, and have been playing exclusively .02-.04 NL 6 handed and 1.00 SNG's. I have been taking it very seriously and trying to win as much as possible. The dollar amounts so far have been completely irrelevant to me.

Things got off to an awesome start when I ran my $2.40 buy in up to ~13.00 putting me up around 9.00 at the end of day one.

Then reality set in and I have slipped back down to below 50.00. I am sitting at 49.00 now, and holding steady.

I have been playing pretty well, very tight with few mistakes. I am looking forward to winning my first SNG on there, but as of now I haven't . I have finished 2nd twice and 3rd once. When I finished 2nd it was a bad beat of sorts (I had a 9:6 chip lead HU, guy open pushes OTB against my AA with 98, flop is 98x) and when I finished 3rd is was just lame(I had played ONE hand to get into 3rd place, doubling up and folding on a crazy table. I pick up QQ, push half my stack in, and get called by A7o preflop. Flop is an A and I ship, he insta calls and thats that).

Overall though I am playing well and confident I can grind up a bit.

As of now, I am pretty much on the Chris Ferguson plan, as 2.40 is the lowest buy in game, and it reps 5% of my stack and I don't want to risk more until I have a better feel for Cake and playing online again in general. I do feel confident that I can move up though.

Austin: The guidelines are this: Open a Cakepoker account, deposit 50 bucks, and treat it like your life bankroll. Come up with a way to NOT go busto, but still move up the chain and make as much as possible. If you have an account elsewhere or just don't like/want Cake, then thats ok too, we are just doing Cake for the sake of consistency of opponents and for consistency of levels available.

You in?

Austin said...

I'm certainly in. Unfortunately, since we're crunching at work I haven't really had time. I'm about $.50 up right now, although that was hard earned. I'm incredibly swingy right now because I'll do well and then get overconfident, do bad and get tight so I win again. I need to get to that point where I can just consistently play well and make the folds I need to... and even more is STOP FUCKING BLUFFING WHEN I HAVE NOTHING. Ugh, gets me in the worst trouble and there's hardly ever a payoff worth it.

Ryan said...

For reporting, I suggest we each start a "Cake Challenge - [Your Name Here]" topic. Tag it with "Cake Challenge" for easy finding.

Then, you can start updating your results and current bankroll in that topic. I am going to record my net + or - for each session, and include links to key hands from that session. The hand history feature on Cake allows you to save out a hand history as a url, nice and handy.

My current cash-game strategy is to play five times tighter and five times more aggressive than I do at SLP or WNP. And no bluffing, and few C-bets. Until I'm at a stake level where people fold to bluffs and c-bets, it's not worth doing.