Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Poker videos online

Ran across a link to a video on a new (to me) site, PokerTube.com. Their main side bar menu lists:

Aussie Millions 2007
Aussie Millions Cash Game
Best of High Stakes Poker
EPT Season 2
EPT Season 3
EPT Season 3 Final Monte Carlo
High Stakes Poker Season 3
High Stakes Poker Season 4
Irish Open 2007
National Heads Up Championship 2007
Nations Cup 2007
Party Poker Premier League
Poker After Dark Season 1
Poker After Dark Season 2
Poker Den - 24h Cash game
Poker Masters of Europe Final
William Hill Grand Prix Season 2
WSOP 2007

Plus I saw WSOP years buried deeper in the site.

Now admit it, you were dying to know who won the 2007 Irish Open, right? Videos are nicely organized and in order (unfortunately reversed but at least you can easily find the next vid in the series). Quality seems maybe half a step better than YouTube and no branding so it looks like these are fresh transcodes and not just recycling YouTube vids. It's no HD quality like off of a torrent but will work as a quick fix for anyone Jonesing for some poker.

Clicky clicky. (™ jsola)

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