Saturday, September 15, 2007

Poker on This American Life

If you've never heard TAL, it's a radio show on... well, just about anything; every week they pick a theme and do a series of short mini-documentaries on various topics illustrating the theme. This week they're rerunning a program from a few years back, various stories of amateurs dipping into the professional versions of their hobbies. The middle act is a segment on the WSoP, and it's a fantastic sliver of the life -- even better for having been done about 3 years before poker became huge. Worth listening to if only for Phil Gordon betting on Rock-Paper-Scissors. And kicking ass.


Sushi Cowboy said...

Sounds interesting...but 95 big ones? Didn't I already pay for this already through taxes? Public radio my ass! Besides the synopsis gives away the can stream it for free. Never mind.

Listening to it now. Interesting dual progress meter. One shows download progress, the other shows relative progress of what is downloaded so if you skip forward in the stream to get to the "good part" then you actually have the progress bar move backwards.

Talk about bankroll management. Jen Harman talks about losing 100,000 in one session.

Bob Loblaw said...

You can also subscribe to the TAL podcast here. This episode will be free for download until they post next week's episode the weekend of 9/22.

Sushi Cowboy said...

It is kinda interesting to step back in time before these guys were household names (well at least certain households). I'm sure Jen Harman would not have imagined at the time that people across the nation would be able to identify her on a radio broadcast by voice only.