Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bankroll managment, schmankroll management

Has anyone checked out the latest on the Chris Ferguson Challenge? He's down to 9K and change which is less than his 10K goal and WAY off of his peak of what looks to be around $27K or $28K, or roughly three times his current stake. Biffing off 2/3 of your roll with only 5%-10% of your roll at risk is remarkable especially since your buy-in is going to (or at least SHOULD) shrink proportionally as your roll decreases.

I wonder what is happening in Jesus-land? And could it be that we have it all wrong and that Jason-land bankroll management is right? I mean he has the biggest roll of any of the Cakers and ROT will tell you what that means!


jason said...

The biggest key to success in building bankroll is to find a game where your expected EV is the most positive, period.

I don't know what Chris plays but my guess is that he is most successful at NL Hold'em tournaments or sit and gos. If he wants to build bankroll that is what he should play. Perhaps he is donking in NL Hold'em cash games, I just don't know.

My biggest EV+ game has obviously been O8 cash games. So for the challenge I have been playing exclusively O8 for the past couple months. I plan to continue unless I fail for some reason or figure out another game I am better at.

Sushi Cowboy said...

...or until your wife tells you to stop.

royalbacon said...

Looks like between Nov 6 and Nov 7 last year he lost $7,607 (from $19,887.52 to $12,280.52). In ONE day. That means he’s not playing according to the rules he laid out.

Marshall said...

Ya I had noticed that too but haven't found any evidence about what happened. I know he set out to play Razz as well as NLHE cash games, SNG's and some MTT's as well. He said that he felt he had the biggest edge in these games.

Jason, although it has nothing to do with bankroll management, your point is extremely valid and often overlooked I think. It is also part of the reason I have started a migration online towards O8 as well. I still feel like I have a decent edge in NLHE, but that edge shrinks pretty significantly with every level I ascend. When I go over my hands/sessions, I see what is basically a lot of pretty decent play by my opponents, and nothing really horrible all that often. When I watched you play O8 for a few hours at Jeh's, I saw some atrocious play. (when I say atrocious, I mean it. We are talking the equivalent of calling off your WHOLE stack with bot-bot against a TAGgy preflop raiser on a AK3 board.)

Anyway, has anyone found out what Jesus did with that huge chunk?

Sushi Cowboy said...

Anyone see anything on any other blogs or 2+2 or anything? Just cannot figure out how you could lose that much in one day under bankroll management. And even if you AREN'T using any bankroll management guidelines that's still a big chunk of money *and* a large percentage of a bankroll going down the tubes in a very short amount of time.