Sunday, February 24, 2008

Chasing the d0nk, patiently

Patience is definitely a virtue, and I learned how virtuous it can be today on Cake.

I had a guy sitting at my table who was willing to gamble well beyond the odds in many different spots. And the nice thing is he kept showing his cards, win or lose. I targeted him early, as you can read in my full session post, but I had to patiently await the right moment. Turns out practicing this sort of discipline isn’t easy, but it definitely works.

I don’t want to name the target here, because in the way-off chance he’s looking for his username in a Google search, I don’t want him to come across this post. My own blog is unsearchable.

He was on a roller coaster for a while, but rarely against me, fluctuating between $3 and $5. I had to fold (or simply lost) a few key hands (TT, Q9d, 99) to him, but they didn’t feel like the right spots. I was ok with that, because I knew that moment would come, provided he didn’t bust out to somebody else. I’m guessing that’s the only way he would have left the table.

The climax of the story arrived about half an hour after I first targeted him. Here’s what I wrote in my blog:

Ahhhhh. Sweet victory. God that feels good. He had KTo on the first hand. He left right after I felted him. I gotta give thanks to MAXXX_34, who added a bit to [redacted]’s stack right before these two hands.

Patiently waiting paid off, literally. A lesson I think we all can benefit from.


royalbacon said...

Martin thinks I should have called his all-in with the 99 hand. I explain my thinking a little further in the comments on that post.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Well actually I said: "Depending on how loose the action is with stells I'm going with 99." I didn't have full history on how he was playing. Shoving pre-flop is much different than being a calling station. But if someone is playing uber-loose enough I think 99 is priced in enough to that range to be EV+

royalbacon said...

I stand corrected! I’m still ok with my fold, but you’re right, I’ll probably make the call in the future. The only other times I’ve seen anyone go all in pf without much provocation, they had 33 or 44.

jason said...

I am a big believer in chasing the donk. Though I did not net much money, I was up against a donk last night that would value bet any Xhigh flush. So I got a King high flush and called him down and he paid me off. 3 bets, flop (draw), turn (made hand) and river.

He would also donk with AFC on an all in preflop. Up against QQxx and AAxx 4 handed he would donk and occassionally suck out. Not in those hands so I did not benefit.

Nice play Royal.

Marshall said...

I would call with the 99 if he was being as loose and wild as it seems. I do however see that this is a marginal spot as he could easily have 2 overs and you would be flipping. You can pick a better spot, but 99 is in the range of hands I would pick to go with against a maniac. Most of this of course depends on how loose the maniac is..