Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Play 'em like they're Aces

For those of you who "missed" watching the television event of the century, the new Knight Rider movie, here is a screen grab of the hallowed Deuce-Five being flashed by the protagonist after he shoved on a raise with KJos by Phil Laak. I guess he figures if his girlfriend can crossover from acting to poker why not try to crossover the other way. Laak folds and the pot is swept to the son-of-Hoff.


Marshall said...

That is so awesome. My junk hand just rocketed to the top of the awesomest junk hands list. I'm pretty sure being in Knight Rider trumps everything.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Yes, I believe that puts your junk hand well out in first place for most television airtime...not including poker programs of course.

adamgilcrist said...
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