Sunday, February 3, 2008

An Omaha/Hold'em hybrid Tuesday?

With the unrelenting popularity of Omaha, I was wondering if there would be interest in maybe squeezing in some Omaha on Tuesday's. Maybe if we got people to show up early and we could do a 6:00-7:30 stint of Omaha then cut over to Hold'em since we haven't really been starting right at 7 anyway. Or is it going to be too hard to get people to the game on time to start at 6:00? I don't know how unfettered we want to leave Tuesday Night Poker. We could do Omaha on a weekend I suppose but it sure seems like there is strong interest among the weeknighters to play some Omaha. Thoughts?


royalbacon said...

O8 in '08!

It’s nigh impossible for me to get to WNP any earlier than I have been, unfortunately. I’d love to play more O8, but don’t have a good solution as to how we can balance that and keep the regular Hold‘em game going. Playing more than once a week is difficult for me to sustain on a regular basis.

What’s your feeling for new players interested in playing Omaha? Any body asking about it? I’d hate to drive players away by switching to Omaha or going half NLHE/half O8 on Tuesdays.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Yeah, that's why I figured if we could start earlier then we could just do Hold'em a little later and Hold'em-only players wouldn't really have to do anything different.

I like your slogan: O8 in 08! Designing the logotype would be a typographical minefield but I'm sure there is a good solution out there.

jtrey333 said...

I'd personally like to leave WNP Texas Hold 'Em only as I too usually can only play once a week. I'd be unopposed to 6pm-7pm O8 as I wouldn't be there until 7pm. I like the mixed game on the weekend, Texas Hold Em on the weekday rhythm we currently have in place.

jason said...

I am definitely a fan of O8. Would love to play some at WNP. WNP could have a special night, like the last weeknight of the month where it is O8 only.

I don't want to speak for everyone else but there are a few players at WNP who rarely play O8. They may be hesitant to come for a mixed night.

For this week, my friend Jason Delles will be a guest and he would be lost at O8.

Let's try to work in O8, but I would want to hear the comments from the rest of the regulars.

Marshall said...

Just say no to 08 at WNP.

While I am personally for playing 08 at WNP, I think it makes learning the game of poker that much harder for any newbs we can bring in, and it just serves to limit our potential audience. We can play mixed games on the weekends.

As for the last WNP of the month being O8, well that is 1 out of every 4 WNP's, far too much.

If we have enough interest to do a short session of O8 before WNP thats fine, as it doesn't really affect much.