Thursday, July 12, 2007

2 other nice ones for me

Karl and I arrived a few hands into the night, sit down and start playing. 2nd hand of the night for me and I look down at QQ. I bet 10 UTG, folds to Karl, who makes it 40 to go. Folds back around to me and I smooth call him, thinking he's merely trying to take down a small pot early with a weak pocket pair.

Flop comes Qxx and I'm first to act but before I even get to THINK about what I want to do, Karl jumps ahead of me in line and ships it.

I say, slowly, “I… check,” giving Karl another opportunity to say “I’m all in”

I begrudgingly call and take all his money, 2 hands into him sitting down at the bigger-stakes WNP table for the first time ever.

Hand #2 (only maybe 4 hands after the set of queens above).

I've got JJ and I can't remember where I am in the pecking order, nor do I remember who's in the hand or what was bet pre-flop. All I remember is, the flop comes J99. Matt throws 40 out there, and I call. Turn brings the case J and Matt throws another 40 out there. I call again. River brings a blank (K). Matt goes 40 one more time, and I throw another 80 on top of it. He reluctantly calls and I take down another major pot with little to no effort.

Martin mentions something about me taking down more than one pot with quad jacks, but his memory is better than mine because for the life of me I can't remember hitting quad jacks before.


Sushi Cowboy said...

I can't remember the exact time/date but it may have been Sunday Night Poker. I believe the sequence was similar. Flop a set then turn or river the case Jack. But my hand recall is even crappier for hands that I'm not in than hands that I am in.

Marshall said...

That's pretty much my game plan every time I play. Flop a set and then turn quads all the while getting bet into. Works like a charm, try it sometime.