Thursday, July 12, 2007

Two (probably dumb) bluffs

I wasn't getting too many real hands last night so I had to make do with taking down pots where I could. Overall it was a pretty tame night (for me at least). I wasn't involved in the big conflicts because I didn't have hands, but I still ended up $20 ahead so I'm alright with that.

Here's a couple bluffs I ran last night that, in retrospect, don't seem too hot. But hey, they worked!

Spain v Spainr
I'm in middle position and look down at J8 offsuit (nothing beats the spainr!) and limp behind one of the new players. Ryan calls behind me, and about two other people come along for the ride.

The flop is 8♦6♥6♦, giving me a weak top pair. Weak player to my right checks, I put out a little bet of 4 into the 10-ish pot. Ryan raises to 12, it's folded around to me and I quickly call.

The turn brings a 4♦, completing a flush and a straight draw. I think for a second, check, Ryan puts out his standard 22 bet and I, again, quickly call.

The river is a 2♣. I lead out into Ryan for 35 and he folds. I guess I was representing the flush here but he would have looked me up with any sort of decent hand so I'm not in love with the play. I think I could push a lot of weak overpairs and 8x sort of hands out, but he's going to call me down here with most 6s and obviously any flush or straight. Plus, my hand actually has show down value. I felt check-call was too weak here so I tried to put out a number that would slow him down. So maybe this was more of a blocking bet that turned into a bluff?

Semi Bluff v. Royal
Earlier in the night, I again have a weak ass hand (K♣T♣) in middle position and want to see a flop. Newb player to my right limps, I limp behind, we get one or two more limpers until Royal raises it to 8 from the small blind. One caller ahead, I call as well, and I think one more caller behind me. So we've got a big pot going into the flop...

The flop is T♠Q♣8♥, giving me second pair and a backdoor flush draw. Royal leads out for 15 into the 30-ish pot, I call, all others fold. The turn brings a blank but it gives me a second nut flush draw. Royal again leads out, this time for 22, and I raise it up to 60. Royal thinks for a while and ends up folding.

I'm pretty sure I was semi-bluffing with the best hand here, unless he had something like JJ and was scared of the overcard. But at the same time I didn't want to just call down and end up putting more money in on the river, so I felt like I had to raise to get more information on where I was at.


Ryan said...

I thought for a bit before folding. He was bluffing with the best hand, in that I had a worse 8 there. It felt like a play to me, and my gut wanted to pop him to 100. No way he has a 6 with his play to that point, so he either had the flush or was trying to represent it. I couldn't just call with my weak 8, though, so it was raise or fold. I played it safe and folded, mainly because I felt I'd taken too long, and he might not believe a raise at that point.

Joe caught me weak, here, but in general, that's a very dangerous bluff. Most of the time, on a paired board with a ton of limpers, I'm not raising it up without having made trips. In those cases, you're definitely getting looked up.

Oh, and that was J8o. Please. Not the spainr. If you want to play junk like J8o, go right ahead, but I only play quality hands like J8s.

Marshall said...

Ok 2 grammatical corrections to make here.

1. It's spainR. Don't let it happen again.

2. While Ryan likes to think its only suited J8 that is a spainR, he is in fact wrong. The poker community has taken the term an ran with it. It's sort of like common law marriage, we've been calling J8 the spainR so long it has just stuck. Time to begin the acceptance phase Ry.

Marshall said...

Ok for the bluffs:
1. On the first one, I think you just happened upon that bluff. Basically you betting so little probably made it even harder for Ryan to call that had you bet a big bet. Not your best play, but great timing.

2. I like that spot to put in a semi. It seems like you did have the best of it there also, but probably didn't feel that way at the table. Its a decent spot to bet though, as even a good Q cant feel that great about being 3 bet on the turn.

Ryan said...

I will never accept it. Never! Accept that.

But hey, if naming a piece of crap like J8o gets you guys to play it for a raise against me, awesome.

In one of those poker shows where Doyle was playing, someone played T2 against him. After the hand, someone said, "I wish I had a really crappy hand named after me that everyone wanted to play against me."

So, maybe I can accept it. But you may never suggest that J8o got the name spainR because I raised with it and won a big hand; that would be a dirty lie.

Personally, I'm happy to have finally conditioned myself not to play J3 just because jtrey is in the hand with me.