Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome WNP crew and anyone else.

Hey kids,
Ok so for a long while I have wanted to have a place for us to come and talk/argue/make love about WNP and other poker stuff online. I started my other blog, but it didn't openly support guest authors, so it made it a PITA to use for us. Then I wanted to do a simple message board, but the setup, cost, and upkeep were too daunting for my genX mind.
So now we are doing this. It's free, and it supports multiple authors no problem! nh. Ok so anyone from Surreal, Martins friends, my friends, and really anyone else can come here and post and make comments etc. I like that you have to be invited to post also, because we can keep a good grip on content and not have any idiots sign up without permisson.
As far as "rules" go, there are only a few. Please try not to put fuck or shit in the main topic title cause a lot of us will be viewing this at work. Otherwise you can say ANYTHING you like, including berating other people. Personal attacks are also permitted. If you post bad beat stories though, they had better be really bad or I will call you a whiny little whore.
Above all, lets go ahead and use this thing. I don't expect huge traffic at all, but whenever you read a post, it's better to post something (anything) rather than just lurk.



Ryan Spain said...

No lurking! Post post post. Yay!

Cool, I will start posting my interesting hands here...

Bob Loblaw said...

I'm only going to lurk. And say things like fuck shit.

jtrey333 said...

That's what she said! (it didn't have to do with anything, I just wanted to be the first in with that.)

Marshall said...

you can say fuck-shit all you want, it is in fact encouraged by the staff here at That's Not Poker.