Monday, July 16, 2007

Structure feedback for Dave's Birthday Tourney

I'm always looking for feedback on how stuff went in order to improve the experience for next time. Here is how the tourney was structured:

$10 for 290 in chips (Dave's 29th birthday)
100 greys playing as 1, 18 reds playing as 5, and 4 greens playing as 25.

Blinds start at 1/2 for an hour (this was because Kasie wanted to start at 8pm and was supposed to allow for players to show up late). As it happened, everything started late (like 8:50) and we only did 1/2 for 20 minutes. The intent was to have the first hour to be pseudo-cash game which was why I gave such large grey stacks. But I think the majority is used to playing tourneys with different denominations and I wouldn't need to use as many greys.

After the first round, blinds go for 20 minutes along the following schedule:

Color up happened here. Having Marsh and Jeh running the color ups at the two tables made it go very quickly. That really worked out well I think. At the end of the first period (again, it was supposed to be an hour) everyone gets the option of adding on 200 more chips for $5. This was intended to build the payout pot but mostly to prevent people from intentionally trying to go broke on the last hand when they are short stacked in order to get a full stack...even though I tried to bust out short stacked by getting into a pot with 35os but ended up backing into the sucker end of a straight and taking down a pot. Violette ended up in a bad spot when she called Dave's all-in and had him covered by ten chips on the last hand. Felt bad but couldn't do anything but allow her to get her add-on.


Color off the reds now. At this point it got down to 10 players and we went ahead and merged tables as well as colored up. Didn't realize it until later but we actually cut the 15/30 round short by about 8 minutes by coloring up. This was initially not going to be a break in action but since we were merging tables, it turned out to be a break.


Color up the greens to blacks now.

I think the tourney ended around here which follows the rule of thumb of the tourney ending about when the BB matches they buy-in stack amount.

With Dave, Marsh, Tiffany, and me all cashing in the top four spots, I think the deep stack nature of the tourney served it's purpose of trying to weed out d0nks, "gamblers", and luck boxes from the money. Even players at the final table had a chance to bust out with decent hands, Tim showed down KQ. Sun went out on pocket Sixes. Marsh suffered horrible beats twice to the luckbox in the corner yet was still able to catch 4th place money. I think there was relatively low "crapshoot" or ATC mentality as people were eliminated.

Not sure how the format would have changed things with a more experienced tournament crowd. But I like how players could make mistakes (like me calling off 100 on the end with KK to a n00b holding a Three after the board paired Threes on the river, 25 pre-flop btw) and have their stacks dented but not being crippled by it.

Anyway, let me know what you thought of the format and what changes you'd make. Keep in mind that I'd want to apply this to a more serious poker tournament in the future. Thanks.

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Marshall said...

I thought the structure went well. I had some fun in the rebuy donkey part of they tourney, and I actually preferred it being a shorter time frame. If we did THAT for 1 full hour, the stacks would have been HUGE at our table at least. Enormous.

I got short stacked at the final table, but I could still grind and fight and not feel TOO much pressure from the blinds. I liked that. I mean the pressure was there, but it didn't feel like I was just shipping with ATC.

Overall, I think the structure was pretty close to being just right, with enough play for the good players, but enough speed so it wasn't an all night thing.

Nice work in the tourney too man, you played really really well from what I could see. You also finished ~1st, so congrats on that dude.