Sunday, July 15, 2007

The SpainR in the media

I must first note that flickr, the inspiration for the term SpainR, actually uses a colored "r" instead of an upper case "R". So maybe the typographically more accurate spelling of SpainR should be Spainr, no?

Now back to the topic at hand. On Poker After Dark ( Week 5, Friday's full episode, Segment 3, about a third of the way through, we see the SpainR in action. The play is three handed with Laak the chip leader, Esfandiari and Harman trying to collect chips in the PAD winner take all format. Esfandiari folds 62os on the button. Harman picks up Jd8d (suited SpainR) in the SB and pushes for $25,800 and Laak in the BB picks up pocket Nines. Laak calls off $24,600. Then the dialog goes like this:
Laak: (pointing at Harman's hand) That's the Unabomber Ultra Deluxe. Actually...
Esfandiari: (interrupting) No, Jack Eight of Hearts
Laak: (re-interrupting) Right. That's just Deluxe. Jack Eight of Hearts is Ultra Deluxe.
Harman: Jack Eight suited has always been lucky for me.
Laak: Are you kidding me? (Pointing at Harman's hand) This is super-durable, super-pure, super-juicy hand.

Board runs 4c4h8s Kc Tc and the SpainR suited goes down in flames and puts Laak at a 3:1 advantage over Esfandiari going heads up.

This concludes today's look at hands in history.


Ryan said...

Note that Harman says J8 *suited* has always been a lucky hand for her, and that Laak calls J8 *suited* a super-durable, super-pure, super-juicy hand.

You all might insist on your overly-broad definition of the spainR, but this is why I will never accept it. Harmon doesn't play J8o, she plays J8s. Laak doesn't think J8o is a super hand, he thinks J8 suited is. Duh. Suitedness is essential in justifying playing that hand, and applying my name to an offsuit version suggests otherwise.

I mean, it would be like seeing K♥J♥ and calling it the Phillmath.

So, while Martin refers to J♥8♥ as a "suited spainR," I will simply refer to such hands as "true spainRs."

I'm not expecting you all to stop calling the offsuit version spainR at this point, I'm just further emphasizing that I will never stop arguing the point. I mean, you do know who you are dealing with, here...

Marshall said...

LOL awesome. I think we can all be reasonable here and go with Ryan that the J8s is the True spainR. J8o will however remain a normal spainR.

The capital R is a trademark though to set us apart from other Hand 2.0 startups that are SO 2006..

Sushi Cowboy said...

You know, Doyle's nickname "Texas Dolly" was originally a misinterpretation that just stuck as well. It happens sometimes. However, I am enough of a stickler for accuracy that I could get talked into calling J8os an "offsuit SpainR" as a compromise.

Ryan said...

If offsuits are called spainR and suiteds are called "true spainRs," I would stop arguing the point.

Sushi Cowboy said...

Marsh, am I getting the initial capitalization wrong? Is it "SpainR" or "spainR". Floor!

Sushi Cowboy said...

Here again, the spainR (in Clubs) takes down a sizable pot. Can nothing stop this hand? Link