Monday, July 16, 2007

Keeping up with posts on here.

Ok I have read the previous stuff and have looked around a bit online.

Where we stand now: For those of us who don't subscribe to numerous RSS feeds, the way it is now isn't really an issue. But for those that do, not being able to see new comments in a reader or get email alerts can mean extra time. I set up Ryan to get emails whenever comments were posted, but unfortunately that feature is only available to one email address (presumably the author). You guys can check in Settings>Comments>Comment Notification Address to see if it's an available option to you.

For now, we will keep the comments in the thread, not as separate posts. This thing will become a pretty ridiculous mess if we made a whole new post just to say "LOL Marsh rUlz".

Basically we have 2 choices as far as our web presence goes: 1. This blog. 2. A message board. The blog is cool cause it lets us post hands, ask questions, and also do article type posts, all while being accessible not only to us, but also to the masses. Message boards work better as a back and forth conversation because that's what they are designed to do, but they virtually eliminate any article type posts, and they limit accessibility severely by requiring registering. Another point about the message board is that they require monthly hosting costs and some upkeep.

So basically both have strengths, but I decided to go blog because I really like it that other people can read and access it very easily, and because it's free.

So as of now, we will keep it like it is. Hopefully for the RSS freaks, they can set it up to either get emails or find a reader that supports new comments. Let's keep the book open on this though, and anyone that has any suggestions, just post them (in this thread ahha) and we can take it from there.

On a final note, it's pretty awesome how much action we have gotten on here, let's keep it up!



Marshall said...

Mini-update: Jeh had a really good idea regarding the email forwarding for new comments posted: We can have it send an email to an email account that can then forward it to whomever needs the comments emails. I set up a gmail account, but it only allows 1 address for the forward. I am confident we will figure something out here though. Thanks Jeh Chow, supasta!

Bob Loblaw said...

I think I found the answer. Although I can’t quite figure out what the Blogger help file is saying, I think our answer lies here.

Basically, there’s an “advanced” tab in the “feeds” section of the blog’s settings. Marsh, you’ll have to enable that to enable comments-based RSS feeds. I think.

Marshall said...

The default setting for this is "full" so I guess that's not going to help. It does say that comments should be included in the RSS feed stuff.

I wonder if it just means that if you click through on a reader, it shows you the entire thread as opposed to just the main post?

Bob Loblaw said...

I got the feeling if you went to "advanced" setting on the feed settings, leaving it on "full" for all three questions would do what we wanted it to do. But maybe I'm wrong. Is the blog currently set to "advanced" feed settings?